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    Hello friends

    I am using sql loader. I want that either all of my records should get loaded or nothing should load. If there is error in any of the record the loaded data should rollback and nothing should be loaded. What option of sqlloader should I use to achieve this.

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    This is untested (I'm not sure would ROWS commit anything or not), but you might consider combination of those options:

    Limit the number of discarded records using the DISCARDMAX keyword. To stop on the first discarded record, use DISCARDMAX 1.

    Use the direct path load: ROWS keyword identifies the number of rows you want to read from the datafile before data save. The default is to read all rows and save data once at the end of the load.

    Here is SQL*Loader documentation; spend some time and read it - maybe you'll find the correct answer if my suggestion won't work.


    I forgot to mention that another option use of external tables instead of SQL*Loader, if possible. Doing so, you could easily trap errors and either COMMIT or ROLLBACK, depending on the insert result.

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    You could also try the INTO TABLE <table> TRUNCATE option to replace all data after an erroneous load.
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    just increase the commit buffer to the maximum rows to load and
    then do what LF said to lower discardmax to 1
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