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    Unanswered: Run my query it prompt which i dont want

    When I run my query it prompt to enter ti.Tech is it possble without asking, it match the and corp with FS_TechID and AccountNum.


    SELECT ti.CORP, ti.TECH, ti.TECHCONT, ti.tech_id AS Expr1, tpr1.AccountNum
    FROM [select tpr.*, Mid(tpr.AccountNum,1,5) as tprCORP from tbl_PPVResearch as tpr]. AS tpr1 INNER JOIN tech_id AS ti ON tpr1.tprCORP = ti.CORP
    WHERE (((ti.TECH)=[tpr1].[FS_TechID1] Or (ti.TECH)=[tpr1].[FS_TechID2] Or (ti.TECH)=[tpr1].[FS_TechID3]));

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    Prompt in query

    If you have in 2 different tables or it's not in any of the tables, you'll get the prompt for the value when the query is run. Check to make sure that 1st you have that fieldname available in your tables. If you do, check to make sure you don't have that same fieldname in multiple tables. If you do, you'll need to specify which fieldname it is by adding the tablename to the beginning of the fieldname (i.e. tblcustomers.customername).
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