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    Hello and Thanks for Any Help!

    My sister had this computer, and was playing a game online. A pop-up came up and said to close out and restart the computer, so she did. Then she restarted the computer it would not start, it would recycil it self (go as far as the black screens & and restart again) doing this over and over again! Her Boy friend () started playing with the Bios... GREAT, I am trying to get this computer to work again, I have gone all over the net without any success and I need your help PLEASE, the Motherboard is a (K7S5A PRO) I bought the computer for her in may of 2003 if this helps in any way.

    What I am looking for is (if there is such a thing) photos on the Bios Screen section by section.. Like screen one would be the list of the Bios within the computer, then if I click on one of those sections I need to see the defult information for that section and so on!

    Thank you for your time in this matter!

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    you may be on the wrong forum site

    this is a site about databases | @rudydotca
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