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    Unanswered: grant privileges to procedures??

    Hello, can someone help me

    I'm logged on as user ISH. the following privileges are granted
    select any dictionary
    select any table
    when i execute:
    select * from ctxsys.ctx_indexes
    it works fine..

    but when i want to create a stored procedure which makes use of the above statement:
    select * from ctxsys.ctx_indexes

    it fails with the following error message :
    PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    however when I execute
    GRANT SELECT ON ctxsys.ctx_indexes TO ISH
    i can create the stored procedure. But this seems strange to me since the user ISH is aready GRANTED to select from the table ctxsys.ctx_indexes..

    Are there some different privileges for selecting data from tables normaly and from within a stored procedure?

    thanks for reading Bart Rouw
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    The Administration chapter of the Oracle Text Application Developer's Guide says:
    In addition, to allow application developers to call procedures in the Oracle Text PL/SQL packages, you must explicitly grant to each user EXECUTE privileges for the Oracle Text package.
    So, if you have to explicitly grant privilege for packages, *perhaps* it is the case with CTXSYS's tables too - grant those privileges explicitly and it will work correctly (as you've already seen).

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