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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL and ProgreSQL - One in the Same?

    Hey Folks,

    Total newbie here in the world of open source DBMS. I'm evaluating an ERP system that runs on Linux and I'm told the database is ProgreSQL. All searches on ProgreSQL seem to tie into PostgreSQL. So what's the story here, is ProgreSQL and older version of PostgreSQL?

    Secondly, if I'm expected to maintain this database, what skills should I target for training? I'm familiar with relational database structures - but haven't worked with stored procs, scripting, etc. - are these absolutely essential? Am I in way over my head here? Ya'll will help me through the tough times, right?


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    There is a DBMS called Progress ( and there is one called PostgreSQL ( Only the latter one is OpenSource and I don't think they have anything in common.

    The answer from your vendor seems to indicate one of the following:

    - he doesn't know which database he uses
    - he doesn't know how his product is spelled correctly
    - someone who has no knowledge about their own product has given you that answer

    None of the above would give me much confidence in the vendor

    But I would very strongly assume that your vendor means PostgreSQL.

    Whether you'll need StoredProcedures depends on whether the ERP system uses them...

    Otherwise if you have worked with RDBMS before, you'll feel comfortable with PostgreSQL as well.

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    I've also seen some comments that Progress is a difficult database to work with. I can't say whether the comments are valid or not, as I have not worked with Progress. PostgreSQL, on the other hand...
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