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    Unanswered: Defining a clustered key

    SQL server 2000: I'm told I need to define a clustered key on an existing table Scores for the rows absID and revID.

    what is the syntax for this? I'm looking online but not finding it.



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    Your best bet is to open up Query Analyzer, then hit F1.

    Then search for "clustered index key"

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    Do it through Enterprise Manager.

    Right-click on the table and select "Design Table".
    From the menu-bar, click the icon for "Manager Indexes/Keys" (second from right, normally).
    Click "New" to create a new index. Select the column(s) you want to include, and check off the box for "Create as clustered". Save and exit.

    Who told you the table needed this clustered index? Does the table have a primary key? (Normally the primary key is the clustered index.)
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