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    Unanswered: LIVE workspace is missing []

    Dear all

    Under Workspace|Workspaces in Enterprise Manager I expect to see "LIVE". This is the case for all my databases except one, which I'll call "AAPSD".

    Under AAPSD there are no workspaces listed in Enterprise Manager. However, if I connect to SQL*Plus and query the database directly I get this:

    SQL> select dbms_wm.getworkspace from dual;
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Oracle Workspace Manager but this has had no effect. I had no interest in workspaces before I discovered that this "missing" LIVE workspace was causing a problem in our MapInfo-based software application.

    Any ideas why it's there in SQL*Plus but not Enterprise Manager?

    Would be grateful for any advice.

    Aligned Assets Developers

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    Was my question not clear? Or is it simply that no-one can help?
    Aligned Assets Developers

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