I retired last year after 40+ yrs. of writing programs and I let myself get talked into doing some development for a friend's business (I wonder what kind of pressure this will bring on?)

At first it seemed like I could do it with a modicum of learning and much to my surprise (or really no surprise) I didn't know what I didn't know.

So after never having to think ablut the intracies of DBs I thought it would be straight forward to just create a database and access it from Excel to produce a parts list that could be exported to AutoCad.

So far I have downloaded MySQL and already had Excel and got to the part of installing ODBC(?) in Excel so I could aceess MySQL from Excel.

So, here I am, wondering why I keep getting cryptic messages when I try to set something up by doing Data->Import Exteernal Data->New Database Query.

I kmow I missed the boat on this one, so I ask you, with all seriousness, take pity on an old programmer, and advise me where I should begin.