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    DB2 UDB V8.2 (FP10)

    I noticed total usage of all filesystems which were used for occupancy of each filesystems which were used for these tablespaces is 325GB where as the database size is 200GB only.

    I restored (redirect) a backup of a database of 200GB size into a new database with combination of DMS and SMS tablespaces. I was having 250GB free space in all the file systems before restore which I used for the containers for this database TS's. Finally the RESTORE failed because all the containers were running out of space. Finally I got added more space to each filesystem and restored successfully.

    So, what way I should check for the freespace in this kind of senario?

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    The Backup Image consists of used pages. It does not take backup of free pages. So if you have a tablespace of 100 GB size and has only 50GB used, then the backup image will be abt 50GB in size. But when restoring the tablespaces, DB2 sets the container size as defined in the original database say 100GB in this example. So you need 100GB of freespace in your filesystem.

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