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    Unanswered: Simple SELECT problem

    I have a select statement that is not finding a recordset that I know is there.

    SQL_1 = "SELECT cust_id, firstname, lastname, email FROM tbl_customers WHERE email = '" & email & "'"

    Works fine on most email addresses, but on email addresses where there is a period in the name it does not find the record. The email string is being submitted via a form. Before the SQL statement above I have the request from the form.

    email = Request("email")

    Like I said, this select works fine on most email addresses. Im sure this is a formatting issue.

    If I manually type the select statement into SQL Query Analyzer it works also, but of couse I am manually typing the email address in there that contains the period in the email address.

    I have verified that the request is pulling the correct email address with the period.

    The select statement returns no records.

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    if you run the query in Query Analyzer with the email address in the WHERE clause that you know is there, and it finds the row, but not when you run the query through your app, then it's not a SQL Server problem, it's an app language problem

    which app language are you using? we can move this thread to the appropriate forum | @rudydotca
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