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    Unanswered: OLAP Software for ORACLE.


    First of all, I would like to make a small introduction of the main purpose of the Database I am working.
    It is a comom data warehousing project, wich stores massive loads of information. That information is transformed in a first stage, and then stored, with the main purpose of retrieve from it several reports and analisys as the last stage.

    My question is related, with the way to retrieve/display that information, and those reports and analisys.
    Currently I'm using the traditional ways of retrieving the information, with Excel, Word, and Crystal Reports as final displays. But I want more .... I want something like an OLAP Software to work with, wich could give me the possibility of developing new applications with it, and wich could give me the possibility to offer the users to work with it, and retrieve theis reports and analisys in the way they really want, and with their own ideas.

    I know that there is one Software from Contour Components that is pretty good --> Contour Cube <-- but I am posting this thread in order to know if there are any other products in the market like Contour Cube.

    So, my question is:
    "Wich ones are the best of OLAP Software for ORACLE?"
    "And there are any other optimal ways to do it, giving me the chance to develop over it, and giving the chance to users work with?"


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    Oracle Discoverer might be taken into consideration; it provides end users easy access to data and, even better, allows them to do data analysis and set up ad-hoc queries.

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