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    Unanswered: Sybase Overview

    Hey guys.. I'm kinda new to sybase and have a general question about ASE, ASA, SQLAnywhere.. and how they are interelated.

    1) I'm getting confused trying to distinguish and relate how ASE and ASA work. Any simple explanations would be great.

    2) SQLAnywhere is like a client package for Sybase. If I install SQLAnywhere studio do i get SqlAnywhere ASE or ASA drivers?

    3) SQLAnywhere ASE is a scaled down version of ASE, correct?

    Your help is much appreciated.

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    ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere) and SQLAnywhere are essentially the same thing. SQLAnywhere is an evolution of an SQL engine that was originally called Watcom SQL, later bought by PowerSoft, which itself was bought by (or merged with) Sybase. SQLAnywhere is completely unrelated to ASE.

    ASE is the original Sybase database engine, originally called SQL Server. SQL Server also forms the basis for MS SQL Server.

    I am not really familiar with SQLAnywhere (other than knowing about its history), so I don't really know what you get with SQLAnywhere Studio, though I suspect that you get the SQLAnywhere db server, as well as the appropriate client libraries and apps. I don't know if this will include ASE client libraries (Sybase OpenClient).

    Hope this helps,


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    SQL Anywhere is from a subsidiary of Sybase called iAnywhere.

    It is a seperate product in itself. With ASA Studio pack, You get the SQLAnywhere dataserver and client, plus Ultralite(smaller footprint of the SQL Anywhere db plus app logic compiler, can be in .NET, Java etc) to be loaded on to handheld devices(they call it the "Unwired"), Mobilink(a heterogenous database replication technology, can be written in pure SQL or .NET or Java), SQL Remote ( only native SQL Support, To replicate between ASA <--> ASA or ASE<--> ASA), plus a lot of other drivers, modelling tools.

    In fact, ASA is more feature rich than Sybase ASE and you pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay for ASE.

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    SQLAnywhere start from Version 5.0, it was released in 1995 which support
    data replication by e-mail(mapi),file,...
    I have been using SQLAnywhere from 5.0 to 9.0, up to today.
    It's very convenient for me to write SQL since I can use Dialect(dealerextend)
    such as when you use group, you can use alias name so that not necessary to specify long name or composite sentence. Roll up also support but Cube
    Since SQL99 compliance so Event also supported, Remote server, remote table remote event. Retrieve is speed of light since they use Particia.
    Maintenance is very much free ! Easy to recover from disaster. Linux support!
    I use SQLAnywhere for Sales, Purchase, WMS.
    Sales per month is 3K records, I'm not doing house keep so that I have 450K
    records (AR invoice header), 2250K record in details. Same record in Purchase.
    import, export, job also 450K.
    Some more built-in WEB Server in SQLAnywhere, you can write web service
    Only big organization require SQL ASE ?

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    The Web services in ASA is fantastic and fits perfectly with the new SOA model. It works straight out of the box and is free.

    ASE web services is a massive pain to setup. You probably end up paying for a consultant and a licensing fee for the web services option.

    The notion that "Only big organization require SQL ASE ?" is totally incorrect. In my opinion, this is what Sybase likes customers to think and they target the products so people develop that perception. I reckon, they just don't want customers to trade-in their $000's ASE license to a $00's ASA license.

    I have been to sites that run ASA for massive OLTP databases without any problems and happily replicating using Mobilink in an heirarchical replication environment.

    With ASE they also have huge licensing income from Replication Server(a solid product). With ASA, SQL Remote and Mobilink are free.

    ASA now supports dimensional schema and has built-in OLAP capability.
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