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    Unanswered: CONTAINSTABLE() in Oracle

    is there any similar method in Oracle like CONTAINSTABLE() method of SQLServer

    FYI the definition of SQLServer's ContainsTable() method is given below,

    Returns a table of zero, one, or more rows for those columns containing character-based data types for precise or fuzzy (less precise) matches to single words and phrases, the proximity of words within a certain distance of one another, or weighted matches. CONTAINSTABLE can be referenced in the FROM clause of a SELECT statement as if it were a regular table name

    Thanks in advance

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    CONTAINSTABLE() is just like the CONTAINS() syntax in SQLServer, which is similar in function to the Oracle function...what for it... CONTAINS(). There is no equivalent for CONTAINSTABLE() however, you could always return the data into a CURSOR and process the return data like that.

    From what I know about both DB's, they work similar in that you can submit a query of the form:

    SELECT resume FROM emp WHERE CONTAINS (resume, 'DBA') > 0;
    In Oracle, you also have to create an index on the column you are planning to search using CONTAINS() (in the above query, resume).

    Hope this helps.
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