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    Unanswered: XML Storage as BLOB or XML

    What are the pros and cons of storing XML data (zipped form) in DB2 as a BLOB?

    So also, what is the advantage 'n disadvantage of storing XML data as XML using the XML data type in DB2 v9?

    I'm looking for some document on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What are you planning to achieve???

    If you intend to store XML as a zipped BLOB, you cannot access it as XML. You will have to extract the data as a bitstream using an application, unzip and parse it ...

    If you store the XML as XML type data in V9, you will be able to exploit the new functionality to manipulate XML data ... But it is likely to take more disk space and maintanence ...

    I don't think there will be a document about storing XML data as blob

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    The advantage in V9 is that you can do SQL operations against the individual XML components just like they were columns in a DB2 table.

    XML Extender (the old technology before V9) will externalize XML CLOBs into a separate table with individual columns, but I would not suggest that it be used because XML Extender will not be supported beyond version 10 according to IBM.
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