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    Unanswered: OS requirements.

    I am considering buying a new home PC but want to make sure it can handle SQL 2005. Most of what Im looking at comes with XP Home edition. I found this:

    but it doesnt specifically say Home edition, and I dont want to purchase without knowing this first. Does anyone know a link that would specify this?

    TIA, cfr

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    I was considering buying a new pc for myself, but decided to wait for about 6 - 9 more months. Just a couple of reasons why.

    1. Windows Vista will come pre-installed, save yourself some $$
    2. Windows Vista is 64-bit compatible, so make sure you get a 64-bit processor. Even though a lot of apps don't run at 64-bit and thus don't really benefit from it, it is still good if your OS is running as fast as possible.
    3. Windows Vista supports and adds security to SQL Server 2005

    Just some thoughts.
    Hope it helps

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    Does anyone else happen to know about XP Home? Media Center?

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