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    Smile Unanswered: Formulas for counting days and automation Q

    Hi There,

    I have two questionson the attached sample spreadsheet. The sample has some conditional formatting and validation applied.

    1)In the attached sample, im trying to count(and categorize) incidents based on number of days the incidents are open(see days open column).

    The categories are
    count/# of Incidents open 1-30 days
    # of incidents open 31-60 days
    # of incidents open 61-90 days
    and incidents open > 90 days

    2) If I insert an entry for closed date field, I want the value in days open column to move to the cycle time coulmn. Is this possible?

    Cycle Time= Date Closed - Date Reported
    Days Open= Today()-Date Reported

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated,
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    attached what I think you are asking for
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    It's AWL Good!

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