Using MS Access 2003, I am querying two tables that are linked via ODBC to external databases. If I try to run an outer join, I get an ODBC call failure.
I have read about potential issues with the version of Jet engine I am running, however I have not been able to verify what version I am on. I have the Sisyphean task of reworking these old Access dbs, though I am not working in the IT dept. so I am limited as to what I can install. Due to system imposed restrictions, I cannot even run a windows explorer search on my C: drive. Theoretically, all apps should be on my local user drive, which is D:, and if I search for *jet*.dll, I get nothing. I have this Cisco Security agenty which prevents me from installing most anything. So, I am afraid to go down the road of upgrading my Jet version, in addition to the problems I would have, I would have to upgrade anyone else who uses it.

What would be most helpful is, is there another way I can write the join so that it will pass through ODBC ok? I know that I am able to write an inner join in more or less ANSI sql and it works ok, is there an alternative syntax that designates an outer join?