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    Unanswered: Nested subform misbehaving

    I have a nested subform that is displaying a read-only message. I basically worked my way up by creating the subform2 then subform 1 and then the form.

    I believe I know where the problem is but I am not able to work around this.

    The subform 1 and subform 2 work fine. Subform 1 has an autonumber named FormNo. I am trying to make this into a subform of a form called frmAdmin. If I do not manaully enter in a FormNo. in the frmAdmin, then I get an popup that says read-only.

    Is the structure of my tables incorrect? Joining of the tables incorrect? or Both?

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    Your Link Master and Link Child properties of SubForm1 should most likely both be set to FormNo. Check these properties under the Data tab and make they are truely set to what you really want.

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