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    Unanswered: Views and alt. user

    I'm working on a few views for a small web app, and seem to have some issues with the referencing model.

    ServerA is the actual database containting data
    WareHouseA is a database full of views based on ServerA
    WebWareHouse is the database containg views I'm working on

    in the web app I have a user WebUser that has select permissions on WebWareHouse and WareHouseA, but NOT on ServerA.

    Yet, when I do a query on a view in WebWarHouse, that references views in WarehouseA, that again access data in ServerA, I get a response that user "WebUser" isn't a user on the database on ServerA.

    So how do I program my view on WebWarehouse to use a useracount on ServerA, when WebUser may not be created as a user on ServerA?'

    In Views i usually write select <blah blah blah> from WarehouseA.dbo.viewname. WebUser has the rights to access and select on WarehouseA. But not on ServerA...

    Cheers, Trin
    IT squid: networks, servers, firewalls, routers and I dabble a little with SQL-server and Access as well....

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    Without knowing a LOT about your system, I can't give you the exact answer, but I'd bet that it involves using sp_addremotelogin!


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