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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Need Info on Tools for MSSQL Reporting etc.

    Hi All,

    Am looking for inputs on tools for MSSQL. Some of my requirements are

    1) Database Audits or to audit database settings and Logins
    2) Performance Monitoring
    3) Query Tuning
    4) Data Compare
    5) Load Testing - to see how an sql instance/server reacts to higher load/volume.

    I am looking for reviews/web-links from any first-hand experience wherever possible.


    Warm Regards,

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    redgate has many excellent tools for sql server. their data compare tool is quite good.

    Friends of mine like the tools from ApexSQL, but I haven't used them much.

    BPA is a free tool from MS for analyzing server settings for "best practices" (like blank sa password, etc).

    Finally, a plug for my own too: if you have a need for documenting your databases, you might check out sqlspec, a tool I wrote myself at the link in my sig below. :}

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