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    Hi: Is it possible that if i leave the CRC or date blank in my form (frmweb_Mailfilter) it will show all of the record. As right now if i am not select any value from the form it shows the blank report.

    SELECT tbl_WebMail.CRC, Sum(tbl_WebMail.WM_Amt) AS Totamnt
    FROM tbl_WebMail
    WHERE (((tbl_WebMail.WM_Date) Between [Forms]![frmWeb_Mailfilter]![txtdate1] And [Forms]![frmWeb_Mailfilter]![txtdate2]))
    GROUP BY tbl_WebMail.CRC
    HAVING (((tbl_WebMail.CRC)=[Forms]![frmWeb_Mailfilter]![ddlcrc]));


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    Hello mustish!

    Look at "DemoAllRecA2000.mdb", I think it is what you need.
    Look Table1, Query1, Form2SelectDate, especealy DEFAULT VALUE for
    Date from and Date to fields.
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