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    data migration from proprietary system to SQL server db

    Dear All,

    I'm having to manage data migration from a proprietary db system to an in-house designed sql db.

    Is there anyone out there who dealt with this and used software or services of companies specialising in this?

    All ideas are welcome, thanks in advance!

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    What is the proprietary db and how are the data tables stored (i.e. betrieve)? There's usually a way to convert almost anything providing you have the right tool for the job. I've converted several different types of data systems. You can usually find a few companies specializing in this or you can also find a few freelancers out there who'll do the job a little bit cheaper. Depending on how many tables there are and the current structure and if you want it normalized/changed in some way is where the price usually comes into play. Can you get to the actual data tables or are they locked behind the scenes? I had one instance where I had to go back to the developers of the application to design an export routine to get the tables in a manageable/importable state. Plus there's also the front-end design.
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