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    Question Unanswered: copy data from one db to an other db


    there is a database with an table x and I want a copy of that in my testdatabase.

    I am pretty sure, that I have done that the whole last week, but it's not working anymore.

    I thinkt, that last time I used a statement like that to copy the table with structure and all.

    insert into dbtest.dbo.x select * from db.dbo.x
    Today it's only telling me, that the destinationtabel x is not present.
    The table has about 100 fields and I swear, I didnt create it by hand in the testdatabase, I'm definitely too lazy for that.
    I can't use the enterprise manager, I only can use sql.

    There are still tables in my testdatabase, I copied last week. So what is wrong with my insert into?

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    I am to f*ing stupid. The weekend canceled all my sql knowledge.
    It is select * into , not insert into.

    sorry for the hassle.

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