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    Unanswered: Crystal Report Deployment


    I am using Visual Studio 2005 with Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2005 and all is working out fine on the development machine.

    When I build a 'Setup' project to be distributed and installed at end user machines, everything is working out well except Crystal Report is not opening up. It gives certain Crystal Report DLLs are missing.

    When we install Crystal report separately on one of the end user machines, then the reporting in the application works out perfectly! But this does not make sense! We can not install Crystal Report on each and every end user system. What am I missing in my build up of the 'Setup Project' that is not including the necessary DLLs of Crystal Report? How to include all Crystal Report runtime files?

    Thank you.

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    When you create a Deployment Solution

    1. You need to include the merge files of the Crystal 2005

    it is usually located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules\

    2. also you need to include your License Key (located in your VS2005 About..Help Window)

    Look on the MSDN its available there and on the site on Business Object

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