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    Unanswered: Analysis Services 2005 Question

    Will Analysis Services 2005 work against a SQL Server 2000 database without SQL Server 2005 installed? Does Analysis Services 2005 require SQL Server 2005?

    I have a data-centric application using SQL Server 2000. Personally, as a developer, I would love to upgrade to SQL Server 2005, but that's really not an option for another year or so for business reasons outside of my control.

    I would like to add an Analysis Services cube based reporting system on top of my existing relational database. I've heard Analysis Services 2005 is much improved over 2000 and would really like to use that. Is this at all possible?

    I've also heard of problems when installing SQL Server 2005 on the same system as SQL Server 2000. This makes testing the waters very difficult for me as I'd have to use a completely separate dev system.

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    I haven't tried it, but I would be pretty surprised if AS had a dependency on SQL Server. AS can consume many different sources as datasources, not just SQL Server 2005.

    On the 2000 + 2005 on the same box thing, a recent post in this forum says it should be fine:

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