I am stuck with a problem of excel being too slow or not capable of the results I need. I am working with a pivot table in excel to power a bunch of other sheets but to make it work effectively I need 4 calculated items to add a total of the other items to the pivot. I can add one or two but it gets extremely slow and then goes into permenant 100% CPU utilization. I have let it run overnight with no results.

So my question is this, is there a way in Access to create a summary item for each field? For example the table looks like this

Date Country Channel Brand Segment Units Dollars
10-06 USA Mass X applies 999 10000
11-06 EU Mass Y Oranges 999 10000

I would like to have a total item entered into each column so I would have all countries, all channels, all brands, all segments and then have the units and dollars summed for each. In the end I will use this for a source in the pivot to allow me to change a varible in getpivotdata to power charts.