Hi, I am in a jam with respect to printing out some CLOBS out to an ASCII files. I have three fields BEGDOCPAGE, ENDDOCPAGE, and OCRTEXT.
The last field is of type CLOB and I know that my SQL Loader script is storing the information into the table with the three fields. I have to merge some other fields into this table and then I need to send it out to an ASCII file.

The problem is that I cannot get the UTL_FILE.PUTF statement to work. I have not been able to put the UTL_FILE_DIR=* in my INIT.ORA file.

I could try to spool the information out to a file, but my CLOB field can be more than 1000 pages long. Are there any parameters I can set for the CLOB field. In addition, could someone help me out with the INIT.ORA file. My question with the INIT.ORA file is where does this file belong on an NT workstation, which is what I administer. Also, how do I know that my statement UTL_FILE_DIR=* is executing by Oracle once it starts.

Finally, are there any other ways of getting the information out of my Oracle table.

Thanks for your help.