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    Arrow Unanswered: Front End of the DB

    What rights do I assign to a user for the front-end of a db? I split a db to have a front- and back-end. The user gets a read-only message when opening it, which I guess is fine, b/c I don't want any changes to the FE. How do I get the message to not pop-up when the user opens it? Right now, they just reply "OK" to the message and thet are able to use it without any other problems.

    We are not quite ready to turn it into an .mde file.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The file itself may be marked as read only. Right click and choose properties and check the General tab to see if the Read Only check box is checked. I have had this happen when the database is copied from a CD. It is marked Read Only on the CD and does not change when you copy it to a server or computer.

    Another possibility is the user's rights in that folder. Does the user have read and write capability?

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