I have a Cube implemented using the SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Studio. However, I am unable to create specific ranges for a Dimension. My values are between 0 and 900 and I want to break my Dimension ranges as follows: null, 0-300, 300-500, 500-520, 520-540, 540-560,..., 660-680, 680-700, 700-900, 900+.

I tried a few things like the DiscretizationMethod but the available choices (Clusters, Automatic, EqualAreas) all split the dimension values into some random ranges which is not useful for me. If I use 'UserDefined' for the DiscretizationMethod, there is an Error: 'Errors in the Metadata Manager. The key columns of the xxx attribute are either missing or are not valid'.

I'm sure there are ways to achieve this, unfortunately I have only been working on OLAP/Cubes for a week and have not been able to figure it out. Can someone help me with the correct approach here? Do I need to create Dimension Measure Group or Calculated Members?

Thanks a lot for reading/replying.