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    Unanswered: Import this?

    I want to import data from the clipboard the moment its copied. Not sure how to do this, not important but would be really helpful.

    The data will be the same, but not always the exact format.

    Here is a small example of the data.

    Base: 12
    Pit: 0
    Chamber: 15

    So I'll have a field named Base, Pit, Chamber and so on. Hows the best way to import this. So I'll need it to look up Base then take the 12 beside it and add to table.

    Currently I am pasting in excel and it rearranges it then i import it.

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    Any ideas.

    If I have to paste into a txt file thats better than goin thru excel for me. Any idea for this way too?
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    Short of possibly some character recognition type of program, I know you can paste stuff from the clipboard into an image field with a simple vba command but I don't think that's the solution you're looking for. (I also can't remember the exact vba command.)
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