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    Unanswered: New project - best way forward ...

    Hello folks

    I'm just getting my head around a new database I'm about to set up and thought I'd run it by others to see the best and most efficient way of approaching it. It's not too difficult to set up I don't think. The info is currently held in various excel spreadsheets which is a nuisance. The data held is bascially name address contact details, which holidays they are booked on and whether or not they have paid and a few other things.

    It is basically a holidays database.
    There is a master list of individuals with names addresses etc.
    Some of these individuals go on various holidays throughout the year.
    Some individuals go on all holidays, but most go on a selected few.
    Some go on none for the given year.

    What I'd planned to do was have a form which selects either the full dataset (for promotional materials - ie not holiday-specifc). Or filtered forms (and filtered reports produced from these) based on say Holiday 3 which just contain those who are booked on hol 3.

    I think it should be fairly straightfoward, but wondering if there is a better/easier way than filtered forms to accomplish this.

    Cheers for any thoughts

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    Database Normalization

    without getting into too much detail...

    1. Since you are asking I suggest you review the Database Normalization helps to start with a clean, non-redundant and efficient set up.
    2. Pass an appropriate select statement when you open your form.

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