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Thread: running scripts

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    Question Unanswered: running scripts

    i have applicationtables.sql
    its contents are
    connect to ridb user nikhincm using nikhincm
    @rdt.sql ..etc..

    when i am running db2cmd->db2 -tvf applicationtables.sql

    its giving error as @ is not defined others also scripts file,i want to run these scripts file while running applicationtables.sql ..anybody please replay to me urgent.

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    It seems you are trying to run "scripts" within a script file - probably trying out the Oracle SQL*Plus approach. This does not work in DB2's command line processor.

    Would recommend creating a shell script or Windows batch file that has the following formats -
    db2 connect to <dbname> user <username> using <password>
    db2 -tvf file1.sql
    db2 -tvf file2.sql

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