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    Unanswered: DoCmd.Close acForm, formName, acSaveNo always save a record?

    I have an Access form that is mapping to a SQL Sever table. The form allows users to enter data, and then click a button ADD or CANCEL. The form has a text box ID that is mapping with the primary key ID of the table student. The button ADD works OK, but the problem is the button CANCEL. If a user enters an ID, and the user clicks the CANCEL button, the VBA 'DoCmd.Close acForm, formName, acSaveNo' always save that record.

    Please give me some suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    The acSaveNo relates to the form not the data. You want to do someting like Me.Undo (or something - been a while since I worked with bound forms) to cancel the commital of data to the database.

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    You are right friend. I should use UNDO before closing the form.

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