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    Question Unanswered: What is the impact - LOCALLY MANAGE

    Hi guys
    what is the impact if we move tables and index from a tablespace A locally manage with Uniform size of 10Mo for each segments to a new tablespace B locally manage with Uniform size of 2Mo ???? we move tables by Create table_new tablespace B as select * from table_old ; The tow tablespaces A and B have got the same size for instance 50 Go for each tablespace.

    Will there be some space problem (not enough place , can't extend the segments by xx Mo) or will there be some Tuning performance problèms with data acces in SQL REQUEST ??
    Thanks for your replies ....

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    it's just the size of the extent that oracle will grab next.
    so if I try to grab another 10mb extent and there is only 8mb left (no autoextend)
    then your database might come to a standstill (depending on the table).

    however, if I grab a 2mb extent and ther is only 8mb left then you are fine.

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    Also, why are you using a create table to move a table. Simply use the MOVE option of the ALTER TABLE command to move it to a new tablespace. All the indexes and constraints are maintained.
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