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    Unanswered: VB 6 Connecting to Access

    Dear Gurus (and probably even novices)

    I am having trouble connecting to a Database (MS Access) in VB6. The db sits in the same folder as the VB project. I have not even tried to add, update, or delete...just connect.

    I have tried all of the following to connect.

    dim ws as workspace
    dim db as database
    dim strConnection as string

    set ws=DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
    let strConnection="ODBC;DSN="& databaseName
    'where databaseName is (1) the path to the database including the name and extension (.mdb) and (2) just the name and extension

    set db=ws.opendatabase("",false,false, strConnection)

    dim ad as adodb.connection
    set ad=New adodb.connection
    let ad.conectionstring=="ODBC;DSN="& databaseName

    and a few other combinations.

    I get errors everytime.

    are there particular drivers that i am missing? do i need to try DSN-less? etc.

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    the latest error is:

    "unrecognized database format"

    other errors were
    Error 3151

    Error 3453

    IM010:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source Name Too Long
    ' this one was with the full path name
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    If you are going to use a dsn, you have to reference the DSN NAME in the connection string, NOT the database name/path.

    The database name & path are contained WITHIN the DSN.

    Personally, I would recomend using ADO.

    Ref the ADO Tutorial
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