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    Exclamation Unanswered: crazy little thing called love

    it's crazy,

    suddenly, my subform can't see the data that's in its datasource
    form1 has datasource table1 which contains field1
    in design view, i can see field1 as one of form1's fields
    problem, when I access field1 through vba in one of form1's command buttons
    no data is passed

    background: this database came from another database...
    the security had to be changed... or moved to another mdw file

    so all objects were imported to a new blank database...
    and all hell broke loose

    i'm open to all suggestions...


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    My guess is possibly you're just not using the right vba command to get to field1 on the subform. Should be something like: = Forms!MyMainForm!MySubForm.Form!FieldName (I think). Unfortunately, I'm not working with MSAccess that much any more so I can't say for sure.
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    i hope that's the case,

    but no,

    my vba syntax worked fine

    before I moved the the objects to a new database

    anyway, I tried to... change the form's datasource, save
    then change it back, and save again, and it worked

    hope someone can give more light on this matter

    I feel this is similar to creating code for a control's event...
    if you manually place the
    private sub command1_click()... end sub
    the code within doesn't work,

    however, if you let the vba auto write that with those dropdown's on top
    the code is read...

    there's got to be some macabre logic behind this

    anyway, thanks for the suggestion, it does work that way too, but I don't like using lengthy references if I can get away with it

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