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    Unanswered: Missing Data

    Hello again!

    I have a new problem. I am updated some old reports that were using data from paradox tables and now the data comes from Access. This is accomplished using an OLE DB connection (jet).

    In the old report, two paradox tables where used in a subreport. There is no link between the tables, the data has already been processed and simply needs to be displayed.

    I have now updated the links to point to the fields in Access. No problems there, I can use the "Browse Field Data..." link on a field object in the report and see the data from Access there. No problem.

    When I click on preview, or run the report from my program, I find that data from one table is present in the field objects I defined and the other data is simply missing, there is a blank space on the report where it should be. In the design view I can see the appropriate field object on the page and when I use "Browse Field Data..." the data is present. If I remove the table of data that IS displaying from my report using "Remove from Report..." from the Database menu, the data from the other table IS shown. I don't understand why I get data from one table but not the other.

    Does anyone know what could be going on here? Is there some setting somewhere that says if there is no link then don't display the data or something???
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