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    Question Unanswered: Job fails to communicate with SQL Server Agent


    Just need some help on a job issue.

    The job in question gives the below mentioned error when run

    Error 22022: Unable to post notification to SQL
    ServerAgent (reason: OpenFileMapping()returned error
    2, 'The system cannot find the file specified')

    This seems to have started after I changed the owner for the Agent and MSSQL service from local service to a domain ID.

    FYI, I have also changed the job owner from sa to the domain ID and have tried restarting the agent service in the hope that the Job can speak to the agent .. but it doesnt

    Microsoft suggests to change some registry entries but I am not sure if that'd work

    The server on which this job is hosted is a production box .. so am a litle apprehensive about making any registry changes

    Any Suggestions ?


    Warm Regards,

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    Hi people ...

    Getting no instant fixes to this issue, I changed the service owner back to local system ... But on doing so .. things took a bad turn and the agent got hung .. we had no option but to call for an emergency reboot ..

    That fixed the issue as the agents were set back to their usual settings.

    I am still hunting for a permanant solution on this.. so would appreciate any help on this.


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    How did you change the accounts under which Agent & Server services are running? You must do it only via Enterpr. manager, not Windows services.

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