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    Unanswered: Reset Drop Down on the basis of selection

    There are 5 drop down in my form:


    ddl1 is mandatory to select rest of them user has to select only one other wise it gives error what i write on my button so that it check if user select values from more then 1 drop down ( in ddl2,3,4,5)it gives error message and reset again all the drop down to blank.


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    For simplicity and speed, I would instaniate a local variable to keep track of how many ddl's have been selected:

    Dim intDdlCnt As Integer

    private sub ddlx After_Update()

    if intDdlCnt > 1 Then
    'reset stuff here
    intDdlCnt = intDdlCnt + 1
    end if
    end sub
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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