Hello everyone

Just wanted to share this idea with all the DB gurus and beginners which i am thinking since two weeks, and it is keeping me a bit confuse so i thought to share it in the forum.

After graduation i started my Oracle Developer diploma from an institute and my dream was to get the OCP cert. but some how due to my web designing hobbies on the side i got a good job in one of the companies in UK, that makes me think that i should give a try in web design as well, but in this way i got far back from my Oracle studies, so i thought maybe its God's will, i keep doing my job in web design and multimedia, and its about 6 years i have been working in this web field and seems like i am stuck at one point and evry company i joins i start doing the same thing and no upgrades at all.

And i have realized that this field gives me no security in my career and it is TIME to switch. And i have decided to collect ebooks from the internet for learning the SQL PL/SQL again and willing to give the DBA certifications for Oracle 10g God willing. For that i have one of my friend who will accompany me as well.

Now i ask the gurus and friends one question that Is it a good step to switch from Web designing to ORACLE DBA or should it be ORACLE DEVELOPER?

Please can anyone counsel me in this case, I will be really thankful.

Your advices can make ONE addition in the list of DB Administrators, Fingers crossed