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    Unanswered: Loop to write data to sequential files

    I've got a script that extracts data from Oracle db and writes it to a file. I want to loop it so that if the row count exceeds 500, the data will begin writing to a new file. So records 1-500 write to file1.txt, 501-1000 write to file2.txt and so on. Right now, I have it looping, but it writes all the data to each file and the loop does not exit.

    I know I need to test for row_cnt > max_row, but I'm having trouble on figuring out where to put it...and also how to exit the loop.

        file_cnt :=0;
        row_cnt :=0;
        max_row :=500;
        file_cnt :=file_cnt+1;
        l_file_hdl:= utl_file.fopen('/apps/heatstg/htcs/data','ccs45_'||file_cnt||'.txt','W',32767);
        prt('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>');
        prt('<merchant_import xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="" xmlns:xsi="">');
        content;     -- this procedures increments the row_cnt (row_cnt+1)
        prt( '</merchant_import>');
        row_cnt :=0;
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    don't konw how comparing row_cnt to anything will help, since you reset row_cnt to zero within the loop, but the format would be:

    if row_cnt > max_row then exit; end if;

    but you still need to work on your logic skills to avoid the inifinte loop.
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    I'm open to can I make record # 501 write to file2 if I don't compare row_cnt to max_row?

    I don't want it to exit if if row_cnt > max_row...if if row_cnt > max_row, then the next record should start the next file.

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    Ugh, this is ugly.

    file_cnt should be 1 + trunc( file_cnt / 500 - 0.0001 )
    get rid of row_cnt inside the loop (since you said you're already increasing it with content)

    Obviously, it is not exiting since you dont have any exit condition inside the loop. include one.

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