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    Unanswered: Help on creating a system

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on creating a new database system. I have been asked to create a system to monitor sickness and absence. I have put some thought into it and decided I would need to create 3 tables to contain everything. The tables would be as follows;

    Personal ID
    Job Title

    Sickness ID
    Personal ID
    Date of sickness
    Duration of sickness
    Reason of sickness

    Costing ID
    Sickness ID
    Hourly Rate
    Duration Cost

    I would fill in all the details on the Names table myself but Im a little unsure how to proceed from there. We basically need it to monitor the levels and give us a cost on how much we lose per sickness duration. It would also need to store sickness records so each Personal ID would need to be able to hold more than one sickness duration.

    Does anybody have any ideas, advice or even a system I can modify to meet my needs?

    I understand I would need to call some calculations into the table and I have no idea how to do this so some kind of walkthrough if possible would do wonders!

    Your help will be deeply appreciated.

    Either reply here or drop me a PM.

    Many thanks in advance for any replies,


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    You probably don't need the "Duration Cost" field as this can be dynamically calculated using the "Duration of sickness" and "Hourly Rate" fields.

    Also, If each employee only has one hourly rate then you can do away with the costings table altogether and move the hourly rate into the "Names" table.

    EDIT: Come to think of it, hourly rates are subject to change so ignore my advice above.
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    Yes, this may be one of those rare occasions when you DO need to store the results of a calculation in a table, because hourly rates do change, although not as often as most of us would wish!
    Hope this helps!

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    So I take it no one has any more advice because I'm still absolutely stumped???

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    Well ... Here's my question: How is this stuff supposed to relate to each other??? What is the Duration Cost? What does it mean? Is it worth while to normalize your sickness table (define the attributes of a sickness)? Does each sickness have a single hourly rate or can it vary? Answering these types of questions will drive your design ...
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