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    Programme Manager/PD-Waterloo,Ontario,Canada contract

    Programmme Manager /Project Director--large project-Insurance-
    lengthof project: 4 months++=-after this will keep you busy for a year!

    This position has overall project responsibility from Authorization to proceed to the end of the Project Implementation Period. This involves ensuring all terms and conditions of the contract are met to the Customer's satisfaction and interfacing with other departments.

    This position is the official Company representative for the project and all major decisions are either made or approved by the PM. Detailed responsibilities include:
    * Coordination and construction of Contract terms and
    conditions if required.
    * Creation of Scope documentation and customer acceptance
    of such.
    * Establishing and meeting project schedules revenue
    billings and collections result, and performance results reports per contract requirements Scope control
    * Understanding and meeting customer requirements
    * Conformance of the project work and documents to
    Contract requirements
    * Planning work and resources required to complete the
    work on schedule
    * Managing subcontracts and supplier relationships
    * Minimizing rework on the project

    Coordinating project work within our Company
    * Communicating project requirements and results to
    management and members of the project team
    * Building and supporting the project team
    * Managing the relationship with the customer
    * Ensuring all relevant project communication is properly
    documented and tracked
    * Growing the margin from the booked value
    * Improving the project delivery process
    * Administer the Performance Management Program with each
    project team member

    Education & Experience Preferred:
    7+ years related post-secondary experience in software/systems
    implementation, or A Technology Diploma with 9+ years related post-secondary experience in software/systems development. Project Management methods training Knowledge of a typical customer's business environment Knowledge of applicable ISO 9001 Procedures and/or ITIL certification and process knowledge

    send detailed cv to In detailed cover, outline experience. Insurance industry experience, banking experience in Canada, US.
    Please send rate as well and best time to reach you.
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