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    Red face Unanswered: Crystal report Crosstabs...can this be done

    Hello everyone,

    Need help on this one pretty badly. I have designed a stored procedure in Oracle 9.2. It's working fine. I have created it using a bunch of case statements. Now in crystal XI, I have created a crosstab and in the rows column I have put status and in the columns, priority, and in the summarized field a count of status(this is the problem). Looking at my recordset you can see

    Status            Date         Priority
    Assigned        9/13/06          low
    Assigned        7/24/06          low
    Assigned        7/25/06          low
    Pending          9/13/06         low
    Pending          6/5/06           low
    Looking at this data when my crosstab runs it does a count and it will show
    Assigned          3
    Pending           2
    This is wrong there should only be 1 Assigned/low and 1 Pending/low combination because I am only looking for the data that fell on yesterday's date - 9/13/06. Can this be fixed. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Figured it out.

    Thanks everyone. I have figured it out. My summarized field was looking at the wrong field. Once replaced it is now working as it should. Thanks.

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