We currently have windows 98 machnies on which we run and print reports from D2K (Reports 6.0). Printer if connected to windows 98/95 machine prints as can be seen on screen. But as we connect printer to other OS like NT/2000/XP with existing PRT(one of the PRT we are using pls see below )files the printer starts skipping extra line or skips page feed and prints continuously.
Pls help me as we need to switch to XP machines. Thanks in advance.

printer "COMPRESSED-240"

height 66
width 245
code "1" esc "G"
code "2" esc "H"
code "3" control(O)
code "4" control(R)
code "5" control(N)
code "6" control(T)
code "7" esc "M"
code "8" esc "N"
code "9" esc "-1"
code "10" esc "-0"

after page control(L)

return control(M)
linefeed control(J)