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    Unanswered: Adobe Acrobat question

    When users generate certain reports I'd like to be able to:

    1. Make them default to 'printing' as PDFs
    2. Be able to stipulate the file name
    3. Be able to stipulate the file path

    Can this be done simply or do I need to create a module and call multiple procedures? Not my strong suit - writing these, that is.

    Sorry if it's been covered - tried searching but it didn't come up.

    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

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    Any thoughts?
    "Don't you hate Perry's wife?"

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    With regard to printing ... You can specify a specific printer to print to during the construction of your report ... Be it a PDF file or any other print/capture device ...

    As to your other questions: yes and no ... You can pre-enter/select the filename and path to use ... Depending on what device the report is printed to, you may or may not use that filename and/or path ...
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