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    Unanswered: Copy value from subform1 to subform two when all are open

    There are two continuous subforms in main form. All are linked with ticketNum. When user comes to subform2. I need that Field3 of subform2 will automatically filled with field2 (field2 is a textbox) of subform1. Field3 is a listbox where i need that user has to select single or multiple values. control which i am using is a listbox in field3. How to i do that needs help.


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    In regards to Field3 of subform2, you can possibly put in the GotFocus event of subform2 some vba code such as:
    If not isnull(Forms!MainForm!SubForm1.Form!Field2) then
    Forms!MainForm!Subform2.Form!Field3 = Forms!MainForm!Subform1.Form!Field2.
    end if

    I think that's the right syntax but I'm not sure since Field3 is a listbox and it might depend on what is the bound column. I think you may need to use the .itemselected or .selected syntax somewhere but I'm not sure....someone else?
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