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    Question Unanswered: converting Data-types in Oracle Forms 4.5

    I have a field on a form called "year", its data type is NUMBER. I want to define a range for this item to be between 1950 and the current year. To achieve the upper end of the range, I use the entry below, however, I get an error (FRM-11324 "value is invalid"). It won't let me define the upper end of the range in this manner

    TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR((TO_CHAR($$DATE$$, 'dd-mon-yyyy')), 8, 4))

    Any thoughts on what the problem is?

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    To_number(to_char($$date$$, 'yyyy'))
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    Is that not what I have already written? ... i.e. a date converted to a number?

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    It is quite simple: when in item Property Palette, click in to the "Highest Allowed Value" and press F1 (Help). You'll see something like this:
    The following values are valid for range settings:
    - any valid constant form item (:block_name.item_name)
    - global variable (:GLOBAL.my_global)
    - form parameter (:PARAMETER.my_param)
    Your "TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR((TO_CHAR($$DATE$$, 'dd-mon-yyyy')), 8, 4))" isn't among them; that's why you got
    FRM-11324: Value is invalid.

    Cause: The value you entered is out of the legal range.

    Action: Enter a legal value.
    So, you could, for example, create a global variable in a WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger which would look like this:
    select '1950'        , to_char(sysdate, 'yyyy')
    into :global.low_year, :global.high_year
    from dual;
    Then you'd put those variables as lowest (:global.low_year) and highest (:global.high_year) allowed values.

    If you ask why aren't populated using the TO_NUMBER function, here's why: global variables are CHARACTERS; no matter what you put into them, they will still be characters.

    Therefore, if you'd want to put it properly, perhaps you should use parameters instead of global variables. I wan't in the mood do do it.

    P.S. This is based on Oracle 10g Forms Developer; it may differ from your version, but should be close enough for you to get the general idea.

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    Thanks LF.. much appreciated

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