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    Unanswered: multiple record selections Problem

    I'm having trouble getting the data that I'm looking for. I have two different places I'm pulling data from, and both work fine by themselves, but when I try to get them to display in the same report it doesn't give me the correct data.

    The formula is pretty simple, I'm hoping there is a great way to seperate the two formulas, where they don't interfere with eachother.

    The forumula is the following:
    {History.ParentID} = {?parent} and
    {History.CallDateTime} = {?date}
    {WEEKLY.DATEIN} = {?hourdate}

    Let me know if you need anymore information to help me out, thank you.

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    More info

    Well I've noticed that there have been 20 views, and no posts, so either no one knows the answer, or I haven't given enough information.

    Based on what I've figured out as of yet, is that it doesnt' even really have to do with 'selection'. It has to do with the report being a cross tab report and teh fact that if I just drop in a table to be displayed with no selection or anything whatsoever. The grand total i have in one crosstab that originally displayed the correct information even though the tables are not linked, and by no means have any actual code that should really effect the grand total.

    It almost appears to be just adding whatever happens in the entire report for some reason? I'm hoping to resolve this problem because I keep tryign to play with it, and figure out what it's happening, and still no luck.

    Hopefully someone out there can help me out.

    Thank you.

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