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    Unanswered: Keywords in DB2!!!

    Hi to All
    Suppose i have query like this
    "User" is keyword in DB2 same as in SQL server.
    But my problem is that in SQL server my problem is solved byt writing following query

    Select * from [user] where [user]="" && Here i want to check blank user in user table.. Where as in DB2

    this bracket wont work because in DB2 to manage keywords there you have to write those words in quotes for e.g. "user". so in DB2 my above query would be...

    Select * from "user" where "user"="" && Here i want to check blank user in
    now problem with DB2 query is that i am checking blank user in query so the double quotes wont work..and single quotes also wont work for e.g.

    Select * from 'user' where 'user="" && Here i think single quotes wont work

    Can anybody give me solution....


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    What about
    Select * from "user" where "user"=''
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